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Class 56 or 47 DCC flashing Beacons

Class 56 or 47 DCC flashing Beacons

SKU: 56074beacons

These are for 47277, 47373, 56073 and 56074 Kellingley Colliery, during the 1970's into the early 1980's. They are for the remote control system fitted to certain MGR circuits. 


These are for DCC operation only and will not behave correctly on DC analogue locos.


Background colour: grey
  • Locomotive Numbers

    47277, 47373, 56073 or 56074

  • Scale

    7mm Scale. 0 gauge.

  • Control

    DCC 14.4v to 20v

  • Fitting Instructions

    Mark out the hole centred on the cab roof. Drill a 2mm hole. This hole then needs to be opened out to accept the beacon vertically. Once opened to the correct diameter and angle. Feed the pair of wires through the hole, followed by the body of the lamp. Once happy with position, glue from inside the body. The wires need bringing to the centre with a piece of cellotape inside the cab roof. 


    RED wires go to U+ (Auxiliary Power Positive).

    BLACK wires can either be connected to one AUX outputs. Then in programming each one needs assigning to a rotary beacon (found in function outputs) with a period of  about 1 second.


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