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Class 56 Brush reliability modification grills

Class 56 Brush reliability modification grills

SKU: Brushmods38212-1

Ideal nameplates for an 0 gauge Heljan class 56 post 1995. These grills are fitted to the no.2 end of the locomotive. These locos had been through works for Loadhaul and Transrail with EWS finishing them off. 

It includes 4 grills and the associated rail strips which are fitted above them. 


Background colour: brass
  • Class

    56 (various liveries post 1995).

  • Scale

    7mm Scale. 0 gauge.

  • Material

    12thou Brass

  • Fitting Instructions

    These glue on top of the moulded ones on the body. I removed some plastic from the moulded ones so they sit slightly recessed into the grill area. remove the etching tabs from all the etches. You will be left with 6 pieces in total (2 wide grills which go next to the cab, 2 narrower ones fitting into the next grill bays, 2 rail strips gluing between the rear of the cab and the next roof panel). These grills have a top and bottom. The narrower horizontal surround bar goes to the top. All parts can be fitted using a good superglue. 

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