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Stainless Steel Etches

Class 55 Deltic windscreens

SKU: 55SCN42927-1

Ideal nameplates for an 0 gauge class 55. Versions 1 and 2. These etches replace the original moulded ones. The original glazing can be used but due to the thick rims, I used 20thou clear plasticard (not shown in the photos but included). This does need to be cut to shape for each window.



Background colour: silver
  • Class

    55 Deltic

  • Scale

    7mm Scale. 0 gauge.

  • Material

    12thou Stainless steel

  • Fitting Instructions

    Step 1. Remove the windscreen wipers first. Then push the glazing inwards. Do this gently as the glazing is easy to crack. I used the rubber on a pencil to push them in.

    Step 2. Sand off the original windscreen surrounds flat. I used a flat file to remove most first and then various grit papers to get them flat.

    Step 3. Offer up the new screens using the packaging blu-tak. The gap between the outer edges of the screens need to be 3mm, or 1.5mm from the central dividing bar for each side. These need to be parallel in the vertical plain. Which means they will cover the original area and be in the correct position. Super glue or epoxy the new screens on.

    Step 4. Etch prime the cab area and then paint the desired colour.

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