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Class 37 Headstocks

Class 37 Headstocks

SKU: cl37headstocks34387

Class 37 headstocks full width for Heljan class 37's with buffer skirts.


Background colour: brass
  • Class


  • Scale

    7mm Scale. 0 gauge.

  • Material

    12thou Brass

  • Fitting Instructions

    Remove the original headstock centre piece from the heljan loco, by unscrewing them. Take out the coupling hook and pipes. File all detail off the face of the centre headstock piece. Remove any etch sprue flashing. Bend the returns on the long etch back by 60 degrees. Solder the shorter etch to the back of the longer one. Solder on the coupling etch to the centre on the front of the etch, then the buffer shanks (not included). Glue etch to the filed heljan centre headstock. Drill two holes for the main reservoir pipes either side of the inner edges of the buffer shanks. Fit the pipes and multiple working parts, paint and put on model. Repeat for the opposite end.

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