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Class 37/0 split box front parts

Class 37/0 split box front parts

SKU: 37splitW34884-1

Ideal nameplates for an 0 gauge Heljan class 37/0 split box locos. Includes 5 thou lense backers to allow a nice glow from the lights.

These are in white etch primer as Heljan yellow shades vary from loco to loco. 


Background colour: white
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  • Class


  • Scale

    7mm Scale. 0 gauge.

  • Material

    12thou Stainless Steel

  • Fitting Instructions

    These blanking plates and horn grille need to be split and the edges gently filed to remove tabs. Remove the plastic surrounds from the loco. Pop out the clear part and file the front face flat. Then remove the lip from the coloured surround. Super glue the blanking plate onto the surround. Paint to the desired colour. glue the lense backer behind blanking plate. Reassemble on the loco and repeat another three times. 

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