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Master cab of a converted dapol 08

Class 13 conversion kit. Converts 2 x Dapol class 08's

SKU: 13xxx33165-1

Converts two Dapol class 08's. Requires the early rivetted side door versions. This kit can produce a class 13 workhorse. 

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  • Kit Contents

    Brass Headstocks for master and slave units.

    Full Slave cab in brass with layered parts.

    Welded door overlays for the bodysides. Covers all 4 bodysides with all parts to cover the variations throughout the class. Differing handrail and compressor positions.

    Later style steel master cab door overlays.

    Extra control pipes and MU jumpers.

    Air compressor hatches for either 13001 or 13003.

    Works plates for master cabs.

    Full instructions.

  • Kit coverage

    13001, 13002 and 13003.

  • Period

    Circa 1965 until 1985

  • Donor Locomotives

    2 x Dapol class 08's from the batches with product codes.

    7D-008-000 to 7D-008-012

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