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Fitting Instructions

Standard Namplates

To fix nameplates to the locomotive. Smear a small amount of yacht varnish or a matte varnish (dependent on the finish of the locomotive) on the back of the nameplate.

Attach to the locomotive, the varnish will allow for repositioning. Then allow an hour to dry before attaching the other nameplate. 

Self - Adhesive Nameplates

Remove a nameplate from the packaging.

Test fit the nameplate on the side of the locomotive using reference photos from the time period.

Remove the backing paper from the nameplate, using a sharp scalpel. Place the nameplate gently on the body-side of the loco, accurately as possible. Use the scalpel to move the nameplate into the final position. Once happy press down on the nameplate to adhere to the body-side. Repeat the same process on the opposite side of the locomotive.  

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