O Gauge Heljan class 50, 50009 Conqueror

O Gauge Heljan class 50, 50009 Conqueror

SKU: 50009dNSE

Heljan class 50009 Conqueror. Revised NSE (dark blue version, West of England). This loco has been reworked from a Heljan NSE class 50 with all of the colours resprayed. This livery differs from Heljan version including the deletion of the top nose end handrails and headcode grabs at one end. With all new transfers applied, these are supplied from Fox Transfers, and Railtec. The loco has been weathered as it was in the period 1989 to 1991 before withdrawal. It comes with protoneo etched nameplates and photo plaques. The weathering involves stripping the loco, performing the modifications to the livery, then the first stages of weathering go on. This is then coated with a light matt varnish, another blending coat of weathering using powders, dry brush and wash techniques are applied. This is then has air brush weathering applied with a final coat of protective varnish sprayed on. The loco is the reassembled, reglazed and finished with patches of oil textures to the parts which would have oil on them (Coil springs, around axle boxes and fuel tank filler leaks). This Locomotive comes boxed and mounted on a wooden plinth. UK postage is Free, via DPD two day delivery service.

  • Technical Specifications

    Twin Motors, A1A-A1A drive.

    LED directional lighting, Headcode boxes, high intensity headlights and tail-lights.

    Working Fan, which has been heavily weathered.

    All transfers changed, numbers, data panels, electrication flashes, double arrows, departmental cabside flashes and no.2 end NSE flashes.

  • Etched nameplates

    50009 Conqueror

  • Weathering

    Traffic weathering and unkempt.

  • Period

    Circa 1987 to 1990