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Class 47/7 fuel tank

Class 47/7 fuel tank

SKU: 47-7tanks37273-2

Class 47/7 tanks and pipe. Fits Heljan class 47 with battery boxes only . This brass kit fits around the existing battery boxes and is designed so you don't have to remove plastic module from the model (the screws are buried under the motors and are a pain to get out). It also has the balance pipe which is painted white and 4 RCH nose end jumper cables.  


Background colour: brass
  • Class


  • Scale

    7mm Scale. 0 gauge.

  • Material


  • Fitting Instructions

    These need to soldered and sweated together. Follow the photos which act as build instruction. The shorter hanger legs go on the etches which has the fuel dials on them. If the thin etch lines are lightly scored this aids folding a crisp line. The RCH jumpers are left and right handed.

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